Ceramic candlestick INTREPIDO
24 March 2019
Modular candlestick VARIEGATO
23 March 2019
Ph credits: Giacomo Sirchia.


Modular candlestick

Intersezioni is a product you can compose as you want, depending on your mood and creativity. It can be used as candle holder or vase, pen holder, salt and pepper shaker, small container, etc. It fits into any space, at home or in your office.

100% Made in Italy ceramic - Specific material: Glazed porcelain stoneware with accessory, metal glass. You can put the stoneware object (ceramic) in the oven and in the dishwasher.

Stackable candlestick Discreta consists of four elements: ELIO powder pink, CLEO deep chestnut


All products in the catalogue can be ordered in the shades included in the Colors tab. The intensity of a same shade may slightly differ from an object to another due to different forms and volumes or to minor variations in the firing temperature. These features make each piece unique.

How to purchase

You can purchase the product on Etsy. If the product is temporarily out of stock, you can choose another one available. If you are interested on a customized product, do not hesitate to contact us.


Dark blue


Deep Chestnut

Powder Pink


Light brown

Burned Umber


Green Moss


Saffron Yellow