Collection FORME desk set 4 pcs mix of colors
31 March 2020
Collection INTERSEZIONI modular candle holders
30 March 2020
Collection FORME 3 pcs
Ph credits: Studio Spettro.


Desk Set

Forme is inspired by urban skyline elements, through shapes and colors remembered suggestive places in the world. Pure geometry that matches your everyday life.
The purpose is to develop a mixture of pure shapes and calming tones colors that can positively influence the mood of people.

Made in Italy Ceramic - Specific material: Glazed porcelain stoneware. Dishwasher-safe and heat resistant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Forme is a ceramic set composed of 4 pieces: London vase, Roma vase/tealight holder, Tokyo pen holder, and Cairo clasp holder. This bundle can be used as a desk or table set.
The products can be bought individually or composed in sets of 3 elements.

Available colors: Purist blue, Canyon rose, Meadow, Mellow yellow, mix of colors.

How to purchase

You can purchase the product on our shop. If the product is temporarily out of stock, you can choose another one available. If you are interested on a customized product, do not hesitate to contact us.