Umbria On: Cristina Daminato at Milano Design Week 2018

On 12 th April Umbria On has dedicated an article to Mud is Mood and to me, Cristina Daminato, founder and designer of the brand. The article was written in occasion of  Intersezioni collection presentation at Deflorio showroom during the event Deflorio presents Society Limonta. The article speak about Mud is Mood storytelling and about the participation at  “Fuorisalone” in Milan 2018, where I will present for the first time Intersezioni collection at an international exhibition.

April 2018 represents the beginning of a lot of interesting collaboration, including that one with Deflorio showroom, a beautiful concept store in Terni that studies with dedication and tastefully combines teh products to be displayed in its store.

A part of the article:

Her name is  Cristina Daminato, she’s 31 years old from Terni, that, before travelling to Milan, she will exhibit in her city.
Cristina Daminato is 31years old, she live in Terni, she is a mother and a designer by choice and by passion. […] Today, for the first time, she is about to enjoy an experience outside Umbria. […] Cristina gained a master degree in architecture in 2012 and she specialized in interior e industrial design. After the meeting with the artist and technologist Nicola Boccini she found Mud is Mood brand where she manage to combine innovation with tradition. […]

“Intersezioni – explain Cristina – is a collection that combine craftsmanship with design with an eye to innovation. The heart of the collection is a modular, customizable and disassemble candlestick, which can be transformed to another object at any time by playing wih shapes and colors.” [ …]


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